It's a simple question with a complex answer.

Who is going to return punts for the Giants this season?

"Remember, we wanted Odell Beckham Jr. to be involved in the punt-return game and we have not had the opportunity to put Odell in that position as of yet," Tom Coughlin said on Friday. "I am expecting in the near future to be able to do that. Trindon [Holliday] has been a kick and punt returner and he has had an unfortunate injury also that has prevented that."

Coughlin's answer didn't end there, though. Like a good punt, it was long, end-over-end, and had plenty of hang time.

"We do know that Rueben Randle can handle that chore and fulfills the number one responsibility very well and that is catch the football. We know that for a fact. We have seen that for an entire season. We know we have Rueben who can, under certain circumstances, whether it be backed up inside the 10, you can count on him to catch the football. People surround the returner and you will be safe with that.

"What has happened with Preston Parker is he had a 16-yarder last night, which was a nice return. He is a tough and courageous returner. There have been a couple of times when the ball security hasn't been as good as I would like to have it. That is a consideration as well. There are different considerations.

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"Jerrel Jernigan has been back there before. He is a guy that has caught the ball at various times in his career. Victor Cruz can go back there and catch the ball and he works back there with the returners on a daily basis when we go to the segment of practice that calls for the punt returners to be back there. We have some people that we haven't been able to see, and we have some guys that are dependable and have been with us. We've got some unknowns, not necessarily unknowns, but we have some new guys that have entered into the picture as well."

All of which could have been easily boiled down to a fair catch with one of Coughlin's favorite phrases:

We'll see.