For all we know, Tom Coughlin is still fighting daily battles with Siri on his iPhone. At any rate, he remains undecided about his newest whirring tech toy.

A day after the Giants experimented with a drone to record a part of their minicamp practice, Coughlin said he's not certain if the team will continue to use the technology in training camp or beyond.

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"The way it was presented to me is, 'Is this angle worth looking at?'" Coughlin said on Thursday of the brief trial run. "I'm not ready to say that because I just saw it one day and I saw it in a certain drill. Maybe there are drills where it would help. Looking straight down on an inside play you have a tendency to speed through it and get to the end zone cut. But there may be something to it. I'm not ready to say one way or the other.

He added, with a grin: "I'm not one to stand in the way of advancement."