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Andrew Luck a fast learner

Andrew Luck posing during the NFL combine, in

Andrew Luck posing during the NFL combine, in Indianapolis. (Feb. 26, 2012) (Credit: AP)

It isn’t easy being Peyton Manning’s replacement. But if there’s one guy who can handle that mammoth challenge, it’s Andrew Luck, the Colts’ first overall pick. 

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians believes Luck’s unusual capacity to learn the offense at a rapid rate will ultimately set him apart and transform the Colts’ offense in short order. 

“I’ve never been around a guy who can learn that fast,” Arians said. “I’ve been around guys who are extremely smart, worked extremely hard at it, but he just gets it. It’s kind of scary that he can. I have to watch that he and I don’t get ahead of everybody else, because his learning curve is so quick. Those young receivers, young tight ends, he’ll leave them in the dust; and I’ll leave them in the dust because I have a way of doing that myself with the quarterback.” 

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