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Could Darrelle Revis be back with the Jets?

Darrelle Revis looks on before a game against

Darrelle Revis looks on before a game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. (Credit: AP, 2011)

With plenty of speculation that the Bucs are looking to trade Darrelle Revis and possibly release him if no trade partner can be found, how about this as a potential scenario: Revis back with the Jets. 

Sounds crazy, but there could be something to it. 

There's no way the Jets would trade for Revis, not with his $16 million-a-year contract. But if he's released, and because the Jets are in the market for an elite cornerback, they would have to give serious consideration to signing him to a new - and ultimately more affordable - contract. 

It remains to be seen if Revis would want to come back to New York, because there were plenty of bruised feelings when he was traded to the Bucs. Remember, Revis all but accused Jets GM John Idzik of lying to him in the run-up to last year's trade. The way Revis told it, he felt that Idzik was not being forthright about the team's plans. So that could be a factor if Revis hits the open market and the Jets are interested. 

But if the Jets are willing to pony up more in a free agent deal than any competing teams - and there would be plenty of teams clamoring for his services - then the cornerback would no doubt listen. 

Amazing to think that a Revis return would even be a possibility, especially after last year's trade. But here we are, less than 11 months later, and suddenly it's not so ridiculous after all. 

Imagine if the Jets did get Revis back. That would mean they scored a first-round pick in a trade (which turned out to be Sheldon Richardson, who turned out to be the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year) AND got Revis back a year later.


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