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Did Brett Favre misremember his MRI?

Interesting stuff out of Minnesota today, where Brett Favre was talking about playing hurt last year down the stretch.

Favre said he was willing to end his consecutive starts streak with the Jets, even though that subject never came up at the time. Favre also talked about learning late in the year of his injury, even though that didn't appear to be the case at the time.

"Absolutely, I was receptive to it last year," Favre told reporters today about the possibility of being benched. "When we finally did an MRI and found out I had a torn biceps last year, I felt like, with about four or five games left, that even though I was making some pretty good throws and some decent plays, I felt like I was doing the team more harm because I was missing on some throws."


Late in the season,Favre made a point of saying he wasn't going to get an MRI until AFTER the season, even though he felt discomfort in his throwing arm. During one mid-week press conference, Favre dropped a hint that he wouldn't know what was really bothering him until after the season, when he got his exit physical. I remember asking whether he wanted to have an MRI sooner than that, and he said he did not, preferring to just get through the season before having the exam.

Is it possible Favre actually did have the MRI before then and knew exactly what was wrong? Sure. But he sounded unequivocal at the time, and only after his exit physical was taken was it revealed that he'd been playing with a torn biceps.

The Jets wound up going 1-4 down the stretch and missed the playoffs after getting to 8-3 after 11 games.


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