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Kolb injured ... walking to practice!

Buffalo Bills quarterbacks Kevin Kolb, right, and EJ

Buffalo Bills quarterbacks Kevin Kolb, right, and EJ Manuel run a drill during minicamp. (June 11, 2013) | (Credit: AP)

Kevin Kolb can't catch a break. 

The Bills quarterback has suffered through any number of injuries during previous stints with the Iggles and Cardinals, but now he can't even walk to practice without getting hurt. 

Kolb is now day-to-day with an unspecified knee injury after he slipped while walking on a rubber mat while walking from one practice field to another. 

The injury means the Bills will get an even closer look at rookie first-round quarterback E.J. Manuel. And if Manuel's progress continues the way it has the first two weeks of training camp, he could be the opening day starter and keep Kolb on the bench yet again. 

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