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Tom Cable is still in the mix for the Raiders' job

Cable was selected as the Raiders' interim coach by Al Davis after he whacked Lane Kiffin, and there is some belief around the NFL that Cable could keep the gig heading into next season.

Of course, predicting what Davis will do when it comes to hiring head coaches is about as reliable as my NFL picks. But I'm just relaying what I'm hearing on the NFL grapevine.

"Cable and Davis have met every day since [Cable] got the job," one league source told us. "I think Al has a lot more respect for Cable's knowledge of what's going on, and Cable has been able to pick Davis' brain on a lot of stuff."

Davis' usual modus operandi when it comes to hiring coaches is to wait until all the vacancies have been filled, and then hire a coach on the cheap. So don't expect any quick decisions from the Raiders' owner.

If Cable does stick around, our look-a-like of him and John Goodman will still be in play. (Actually, even if he does get fired, he'll still look like the co-star of "Roseann.")

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