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Wes Welker encouraged by Super Bowl forecast

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker talks with

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker talks with reporters during a news conference Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014, in Jersey City, N.J. The Broncos are scheduled to play the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game Sunday, Feb. 2, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) (Credit: AP / Mark Humphrey)

After the mid-week snow and chill that gripped New York, Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker is encouraged by an improving weather forecast that calls for a high of 48 degrees on Super Bowl Sunday, dropping to 29 at night with modest winds of 8 miles per hour.

By halftime around 8 p.m., Super Bowl XLVIII should be the coldest on record, but chances of snow are minimal.

“If it was going to be really cold and a blizzard, it would definitely change the game plan, but it’s supposed to be pretty nice for New York standards at this time of year,” Welker said Thursday. “So, I don’t think it’s as big an issue as people are making it out to be.”

Footing should be just fine, but as the temperature drops later into the evening, the footballs are bound to get harder. Welker said that won’t be a significant factor either.

“The main thing is to just make sure you can feel your hands,” Welker said. “The toughest part is your hands going numb to where you can’t really bend them.”

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