Greetings from the sleepy upstate, NY town of Cortland, where the Jets have arrived for a nearly month-long training camp to prepare for the 2010 season.

Actually, Cortland wasn't really sleepy this afternoon, as around 1,500 people gathered along Main Street to welcome the team. Rex Ryan greeted the cheering crowd, and talked about —what else — the Super Bowl.

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"Last year, our goal was to win the Super Bowl, and we fell a little bit short," he said. "This year, that goal stays the same and I have a funny feeling there are a few more believers. That’s our mission. We’re going to try to bring it home to our fans and win the Super Bowl." 

Ryan then elicited a cheer when he told the crowd that "every single player passed their conditioning test." 

Of course, that didn't include cornerback Darrelle Revis (pictured), who didn't take his conditioning test. Revis is embroiled in a contract dispute and has decided to stay away from camp for an indefinite period of time.