He hasn't played a regular-season NFL game yet, but New York Jets rookie quarterback Bryce Petty has already learned an important lesson about the team's fan base.

Don't put your pizza preferences out there.

It all began Thursday night, when Petty, 24, tweeted enthusiastically about the convenience of ordering from a certain national pizza chain.

The response was swift and fierce.

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"NYC has the best pizza in the world. Time to fire #dominos. Any NYer will tell you that's not pizza," wrote @jeg_28, a sports fan from Albany.

"never order dominos. This isn't Houston buddy," said @JAsports70, the "NY Sports Guy." In college, Petty played for the Baylor Bears in Waco, Texas. The Jets drafted him in the fourth round earlier this year.

"Jesus has placed you among the finest pizzerias in the country yet you choose dominos? Why do you reject His Love? Open ur heart," @Doc__Ad told Petty, whose Twitter profile alludes to his Christian faith.

Among the many dishing advice was @superstarmelle, who told Petty simply, "No, dude. Just no. Go to a New York spot and get a real slice."

The Jets QB has gotten some support. Petty's tweet has been favorited more than 150 times as of Saturday afternoon. @jprv322 told him he was "preaching to the choir! #facts domino's is stepping their game up!"

When one Jets fan said it was a "shame" that the pie in question was from Domino's, Petty replied, "Uhm what... Clearly you don't know pizza" -- bringing more backlash.

A little more than an hour after his initial comment, Petty backed down.

Petty seems to be taking things in stride, tweeting Friday, "my first altercation with fans is over pizza... I guess it could be worse."

Domino's was at the ready with an offer 45 minutes later.

"Keep the fans happy, but there's no NY slice on the road, advantage Domino's," the chain wrote. "DM us, we got your road game pizza fix covered."