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Feely surprised by Jets special teams follies

JAY FEELY, Kicker Is a licensed stockbroker after

Is a licensed stockbroker after majoring in Finance at Michigan. (Credit: David Pokress/David Pokress)

Former Jet Jay Feely said he was taken aback by the inconsistent play of the Jets special teams unit.

The current Cardinals kicker spent two seasons under Jets coordinator Mike Westhoff, before signing with Arizona as unrestricted free agent in April 2010.

“It surprises me a lot because I know he takes a lot of pride in his units," Feely said of Westhoff. "He puts (in) a lot of effort and focus. (Special teams coordinator Kevin) Spencer even said it in our meeting today -- and I agree with him -- that (Westhoff's) one of the best special teams coaches to ever coach in this game.

"I think what makes him a great special teams coach is his willingness to try things. You’ve seen that with the fake punts that they’ve done with Tim Tebow this year. A lot of coaches aren’t willing to do that because the emphasis is on the coach if it fails. He's always been a guy that does that.

"I think back to when we played New England, when I was there in 2008, he drew up a return on the sidelines after the first return didn’t work, a return we had never practiced, and we took it to the house for a touchdown. There are not a lot of coaches that are willing to do that and put themselves on the line, but he does that. Obviously, I’m sure that he’s disgusted with the mistakes that they’ve made and we expect a great effort this week because I know one thing about Mike Westhoff, he’s going to have his guys ready to play."

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