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Idzik defends decision to sign Goodson, Garrard

Jets head coach Rex Ryan, left, speaks with

Jets head coach Rex Ryan, left, speaks with general manager John Idzik during Day 2 of team minicamp. (June 12, 2013) (Credit: James Escher)

One lasted just a few months on the roster, while the other is in the midst of legal troubles.

But nevertheless, Jets general manager John Idzik maintained the organization did its due diligence before signing both David Garrard and Mike Goodson. Even it doesn’t appear that way from the outside.

“From the inside, we have a lot more information and we continue to gather that information. Some of those things will work out and some won’t. You just keep pushing, you keep prodding (and) you keep exploring for any opportunity you get to improve the club. 

“So, if that means signing a player of David Garrard’s ilk, bringing him in and giving him a chance and it’s a good chance for us, we’re going to take it, and we’ll see where it leads. I know there’s perception from the outside, (but) we know what goes on from the inside and we’re good with it.”

Garrard, 35, was forced to leave the team – just before the Jets’ quarterback competition was about to get underway because of a balky knee. He retired in May.

“We both knew, we meaning the Jets and David, we both knew that there was the unknown there,” Idzik said, referring to Garrard’s knee. “But, he felt good. We felt good about it. We really didn’t get into full mode, but by the time we got into more football type activities, then it started to surface. I don’t know that we were surprised. We were both hopeful. But, that’s one of those things where you take a shot at it, you go through the paces and see where it leaves you.”

The GM added that the Jets “obviously” do their homework before signing players.

“Generally speaking, we’ll go through the (medical reports), we’ll go through durability concerns, we’ll go through everything, so yeah, we had a pretty thorough knowledge of what was going on.”

As for Goodson, Idzik he “is a New York Jet, so, we’re continuing to develop him like all the others.”

The 26-year-old running back was arrested last month and faces five different weapons and drug charges. Goodson, who appeared in court Wednesday, has yet to speak to the media (on advice of his attorney). Though the Jets released Claude Davis and Cliff Harris a day after the pair was arrested for possession of marijuana, Goodson's still here.

But the GM wouldn’t commit to the running back making it to Week 1.

“There are no guarantees in life,” Idzik said. “There are certainly no guarantees in the National Football League. But the legal situation, we just let it run its course and we respond accordingly, the same way with the league, the same way with the club. We’ll let things take their course.

“…There’s always going to be a certain degree of risk or unpredictability with what we do, and we like to believe, based on the information we gather, we take calculated chances with players, with people and with employees, (but) at the end of the day, we’re going to get the type of people that we feel can help us.”

Here are some other Idzik tidbits:

(On whether he has concerns about the wide receiver position due to the recent stretch of drops)
“…That may be a little strong. It’s still early, we’re in the installation phases. There is an orientation of sort to our offense for the young guys, to the NFL. There’s a lot of factors going on and we’ll just keep pushing forward.”

(On whether he anticipates Santonio Holmes missing training camp, preseason or regular season games)
“We’re just taking those things a week at a time for him. (The) next five, six weeks, are going to be important for him. He’s going to be around here rehabilitating. He’s been very diligent about that. We’ll just see where that goes. Hopefully by the time we reach camp or into camp we’ll have a lot more information. I think this will be good time for Tone to continue his rehab to take it down the home stretch.”

(On whether he asked Holmes to stay in New Jersey to rehab at the facility after minicamp)
“Actually that’s voluntary time. That’s up to Tone. He’s been diligent about it. It’s important to him. Obviously, it’s important to us, so it’s nice to have him around.”

(On the contract status of the three unsigned draft picks – Geno Smith, Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson)
“We obviously continue to talk that through. We’re not really going to comment on negotiations, but we would anticipate having everybody there ready for training camp.”

(On contract negotiations with Geno Smith)
“Well again, we’re not going to get into any contract discussions or negotiations. You know nothing is standing in the way, but we won’t get into any specifics of what we talk about.”

(On his impressions of Rex Ryan)
“He’s been fantastic. From day one, I kind of jumped in mid-stride and we started hiring coaches together, interviewing and hiring coaches together, going to free agency, evaluating our roster, draft, post-draft signings, minicamps, now we’re getting into more football type things. In a very condensed period of time, we’ve had a lot of varied experience together and it’s all been good. He’s a joy to work with. As you guys know, he makes it fun. I think he’s been energized. He’s a great teacher. My observations have been that he’s been energized by the whole thing and certainly I have (been) too. It’s been a joy to work with him.”

(On his expectations for this season)
Our expectations are to not look too far ahead. I think there is a danger in that. We’re just going to take it a meeting at a time, practice at a time, day at a time, week at a time and keep pushing it forward and getting better. And I believe that’s happened this offseason. I think our fans have seen that this offseason, some of the moves we’ve made, going through the draft, the post-draft, now getting into minicamp practices. You’re going to have your learning curve so to speak. I think we’ve made real progress. The team certainly feels it. We feel it. I trust that our fans will see that too.

(On if the team is a better team than the one he inherited)
“Well, that’s tough. I’ve only been here five, six months. …I just look at the team as we sit today. We’re pleased with the direction we’re headed.”

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