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Jets: Tebow eats lunch passionately

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow (Credit: Getty Images)

Darrelle Revis had some fun with reporters today, opining that his new second-string quarterback is passionate about a lot of things.

A. Lot. Of. Things.

You see his passion "when you see him every day, when you talk to him every day, when you have lunch with him," Revis said.


Well, yes, apparently.

"He's really into stuff, you know?" said Revis, doing his best Tebow-being-intense face. "He's like that cartoon character...Zeus? He's just one of those guys."

Revis was maybe referring to the '90s Disney cartoon Hercules, noting that "walking down the hallway, you see it."

What do you think, Matt Slauson? "I've never seen him eat lunch," he said. "But he's a very pasionate guy. Everything he does, he does 100 the weight room, he lifts a lot of weights."

Joe McKnight wasn't even asked about Tebow eating lunch. He went there on his own. "I wasn’t eating all the right stuff like Tim Tebow," he said of his off-season diet. "I don’t know what he eats, but I’m pretty sure he eats right.”

And while the general consensus seemed to be that Tebow probably does take his (healthy) sandwiches plenty seriously, Brandon Moore, at least, was there to bring everyone back down to earth. Told about Revis' comments, Moore looked positively skeptical. "I've never seen them eat lunch together." 

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