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Jets' trainers help distressed passenger on flight bound for Indy

**Updated @ 4:21 p.m.**

Members of the Jets' training staff administered potentially life-saving CPR aboard a Newark Airport flight bound for Indianapolis on Feb. 17.

After the plane door had been closed, a passenger alerted others onboard that an elderly female woman needed help and was "in severe distress," according to the team. A doctor, who identified himself as an ICU/cardiologist, along with Jets trainers Josh Koch and Dave Zuffelato -- who were headed to the NFL Scouting Combine -- worked together to remove the woman from the plane to the jet way. The three men administered CPR for approximately five minutes in the jet way until paramedics arrived.

“We’re conditioned to help people," said Jets assistant athletic trainer Dave Zuffelato. "When the situation arose, the doctor, Josh and I did our best to help.”

Shortly after paramedics arrived, Zuffelato, Koch and the doctor returned to the plane and flew to Indianapolis.

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