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Tebow expected to face Cards

Tim Tebow on the bench at MetLife Stadium

Tim Tebow on the bench at MetLife Stadium as the Jets lose to the Houston Texans, 23-17. (Oct. 8, 2012) (Credit: David Pokress)

Rex Ryan said he doesn't expect Tim Tebow's rib issue to prevent him from suiting up Sunday against Arizona.

“I’m not expecting anything to change as far as his availability but, we’ll see how the week goes and all that,” the Jets coach said of his backup quarterback, who was active Thursday night against New England, but did not see any action due to two fractured ribs.

“If there’s a significant change or anything else, but I know he was active for the game, but we’ll see. I know he’s getting treatment and things like that. Again, I anticipate him being ready to go, so we’ll see.”

On Monday, Ryan tried once more to explain his reasons for having a less-than-healthy Tebow suit up in a must-win game. And the Jets coach, who often claims to do what’s best for the team, remained evasive when Greg McElroy’s name was brought up.

“Two cracked ribs, going through, again, we thought – you know, (PR director) Bruce (Speight) already gave you the timeline on when everything was found out and things like that,” Ryan said, regarding Tebow.

“Again, I thought that he had already taken all the snaps during the week. He could play, that was it. And people have played with cracked ribs. But again, I wasn’t going to use him unless we absolutely thought we had to use him. And that’s happened before with other players as well. But I wasn’t going to put him in specifically to run some Wildcat plays when I knew that he had had some discomfort with cracked ribs.”

Asked whether Tebow’s aggressive and physical style of play should have been reason enough to avoid the risk of activating him, Ryan said: “Again, the thing is, we took him off being a personal protector on the punt team. We had him there just in an emergency role – what that role would have been exactly? If something were to happen, would we just have handed the ball off a little bit? That’s probably what would have happened.

“But again, I wouldn’t have put a guy out there if somebody with a lot more knowledge than me would tell me no, he’s not ready to go. Then obviously, it wouldn’t have been a decision. At all. Like I told you before, I considered putting Greg up and having him down, but (Tim) was like, ‘No, Coach, I’m fine. I can go.’ He wanted to. He came there early to the stadium and he was ready to play. In his eyes and in the doctors’ and trainers’ (eyes) that he could play. So that was why I made the decision to have him there as a backup quarterback only.”  

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