Even though most of the players are just camp fodder and many will never land on an NFL roster, this is the time of year when teams are looking to find that next undrafted sensation.

Rex Ryan thinks he's spotted a few.

"We have a lot of guys just on tryout basis," he said, "and some of those guys we want to bring to camp with us and give them a longer look."

Perhaps no one has caught Ryan's eye more than Cory Reamer. The linebacker out of Alabama has flashed some serious skills in Ryan's mind so far. He's even joked that since Reamer is so well-versed in things on defense, he could be the Jets' new defensive coordinator.

"We are going to replace [Mike] Pettine," Ryan cracked, "and there's no question we can do that I believe with this young man."

While Reamer (that's him at the top left of the picture) caught Ryan's attention once again, RB Joe McKnight did too. But for the wrong reasons.

A day after spending the early portion of the first practice doubled over after vomiting, McKnight found himself on his knees near the same goal post this morning, apparently suffering from dehydration yet again.

"The same thing that happened yesterday," Ryan said. "He’s fighting through it. It’s funny. Every time I look around, he’s got a wet towel around his neck and he’s got [running backs coach] Anthony [Lynn] barking all over him. He’s making one mistake after another and then you put the ball in his hands and he looks pretty good. Just go right, Joe. He’s fighting through it. 

"I don’t know exactly what it is, but he’s fighting through it. Sometimes it takes a player a little longer to play like a Jet. Maybe the tempo is different. I don’t know."

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Someone asked Rex if he was bothered by McKnight's lack of conditioning.

"No. Just go back to last year," he said. "Remember when you guys were telling me, 'Shonn [Greene] looks terrible.' I’m like, ‘No, just play the deflection.’ Remember he couldn’t catch anything. Shonn Greene pulls up in the first special teams part of practice and I think he ended up working out really well. 

"I don’t think we need to overreact with this. He still does some great things out there. I don’t know if it’s so much his physical conditioning. It may be a bug. The thing I appreciate about him is he is trying to fight through it, albeit on a knee most of the time. But he’s fighting through it."

McKnight is assured of a spot on the Jets' roster, though. Others like Kevin Basped, the former Nevada linebacker, aren't. But Basped is beginning to grow on Ryan, who absolutely adores undrafted free agents (see: Jim Leonhard, Marques Douglas and Jamaal Westerman to name a few).

There's that certain something about the undrafted free agents that Rex loves, probably because they are considered underdogs just like he was when it came to getting an NFL head coaching gig. I asked him why he enjoys sifting through the undrafted guys so much.

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"Maybe I know that the sacrifices that some of these guys have to make are maybe greater than some of the other ones who have had it made and maybe had a reputation," Ryan said. "You see it here that these guys are not going to fail. Like the kid from Alabama [Reamer], he wants to stay. That's obvious. He’s here competing and he wants to stay.

"Every year, there are a few guys that are like that. Marques Douglas, 11 years he played. He wasn’t there to make friends. He was there to make your team. He went on and had that career. Like I said before, more free agents have a 10-year career than draft picks. If you’re drafted in the [first] round, you’re going to start off higher than the free agent guy. He’s the guy that doesn’t get the good equipment and the good shoes, but he finds his way to make it. 

"Maybe because I was that kind of player. I wasn’t that good. I was down [at the bottom]. Maybe that’s what it is. There’s something about the underdog that I can appreciate his struggles. Then, when they do make it, they’re really something."