FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Tony Sparano said the "Tebow package" consists of 15 plays, kept on a separate call sheet each week. That may come as a surprise, considering the backup quarterback averages about seven offensive snaps per game.

"Sometimes that package is a little bit bigger and sometimes it's a shade smaller," Sparano said Thursday. "But you get into some games -- Indianapolis, New England -- where we were running it pretty good. At the same time, you get into games like the [Oct. 28] Miami game where we had to be in up tempo for a large portion of the time . . . That's not a place to be shuffling people in and out at that point."

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So the Jets are stuck between a rock and a hard place: unwilling to use Tebow if the running game is on a roll and unable to use him if they're trailing and need to rely on the passing attack.

Rex Ryan said he put in some offensive plays during Wednesday's practice. When asked if he plans to use the coach's calls Sunday in Seattle, Sparano smiled. "Listen, he put them in, I'm going to use them. Mama didn't raise a fool."