Long Island restaurants serving stellar red sauce

Cavatelli bolognese is served at Ciao Bella restaurant Cavatelli bolognese is served at Ciao Bella restaurant in Hewlett. Photo Credit: Agaton Strom

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So many tomatoes, so little sauce. First-class sauce, gravy or ragu, that is. Here are four restaurants that put the "oro" in pomodoro.

CIAO BELLA!, Hewlett

Basic and bountiful: pasta alla chitarra in tomato-basil sauce at this modest, local hangout. Have it as a primi in advance of the kitchen's outstanding lemon chicken.


Hard choice between the spaghetti alla Giovanna, with tomato sauce, eggplant and ricotta salata, and the beef braciola with rigatoni and tomato sauce. Go with a friend and share.


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The art of the tomato is a very small fraction of the meticulous fare at Maroni Cuisine. Yes, the televised "meatball throwdown" was a victory over Bobby Flay. Revel in red sauce. And anything else.


From pizzas to pastas to Parmigianas, Centro Cucina ranks as a top tomato. And sample the seafood, red accent or not. Easy to be a regular.

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