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Madden 99: Garrison Hearst In 1998, Hearst, the
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Madden 99: Garrison Hearst
In 1998, Hearst, the first cover athlete for Madden, had a breakout season with 1,570 yards, seven touchdowns and 5.1 yards per carry. But Hearst broke his ankle in the playoffs and missed two seasons rehabbing after complications following surgery led to Avascular Necrosis. (Bo Jackson was forced to retire after this same condition appeared in his hip.)(Credit: AP)

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Madden cover 'curse'

Breaking down the "victims" of what has been called the "Madden cover curse." According to the curse, players that appear on the cover of the Madden video games see their careers take a turn for the worse the following seasons. Read about the players featured, and see if their post-cover careers were affected by the "curse." Then vote using the link on the right if you think a curse does or doesn't exist.
Note: Madden dates are a year ahead of the season, e.g. Madden 12 for the 2011 season.

Compiled by Jordan Gibbons