Flozell Adams faces possible suspension

Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams has played three games this season, and has managed to do something in each game to draw a fine.

The next time he incurs the wrath of the NFL, he might not get off so easy. He could be suspended.

According to a league source, Adams was told in a letter this week that more repeated violations could result in a suspension.

"Future infractions of the type you have committed can lead to increased disciplinary action up to and including suspension," a passage in the letter read. This language is not uncommon when the NFL fines repeat offenders.

Adams was fined $7,500 for attempting to trip Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers in Monday night's game. The week before, Adams was fined $12,500 for kicking Giants defensive linemen Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora. Tuck suffered a shoulder injury when he was kicked. And in Week 1, Adams was fined $5,000 for illegally striking a Bucs defender's helmet.

Gut feeling: Next time Adams crosses the line with his questionable tactics, he will be forced to sit a game. Which is only right; after all, fines can only go so far when a guy is simply unwilling to change his behavior.

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