Joe Namath, 70

Joe Namath, senior quarterback for the University of

Joe Namath, senior quarterback for the University of Alabama football team, was named national "Back of the week" by the AP after he led Alabama to a 31-3 opening victory over Georgia. Namath hit 16 of 21 passes for 167 yards, added 55 on the ground for a total of 222 and scored three touchdowns. (Sept. 23, 1964) (Credit: AP)

We’re all a bit older today.

I suppose that’s true just about every day, but today is one of those days in particular when we all feel it a little more. Yes, the iconic swashbuckling, lady-loving, fur-coat and panty-hose wearing, Super Bowl-guaranteeing, C.C. and Company man – Joe Willie Namath – is 70 years old today.

Happy birthday, Broadway Joe.

And if you are having a hard time handling the idea of a generationally-defining figure like Namath turning the big 7-0, well, so is he.

“That number is hard for me to relate to, so I’d rather not even relate to the number,” Namath said yesterday when we spoke about things such as his fractured relationship with the Jets and the new additions to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “I’m feeling well and I’m glad to be here.

“Hey,” he added, “if you didn’t know when you were born, would you cry about the number?”

Of course Namath has no plans to stop getting old. In fact, while he didn’t guarantee it, he suggested that another 30 laps around the sun is a possibility for him.

“We’re lucky to be here,” he said. “What’s the alternative? Let’s hope we can get to the triple digits and still feel good.”

Joe Namath will turn 100 on May 31, 2043. Check back here on that date to see if you are still feeling old.

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