Plaxico Burress wants another chance at playing in '12

PLAXICO BURRESS Wide receiver, Jets 2011 stats: 45

Wide receiver, Jets

2011 stats: 45 receptions, 612 yards, 8 TDs
2011 contract: $3.017 million
After a two-year absence from the game, Burress returned to the NFL and posted respectable numbers for a 35-year-old who spent the previous two years in jail. He was a huge target for quarterback Mark Sanchez in the red zone with eight touchdown catches, but only three during the final nine games of the season. He has expressed interest in playing for the Eagles.
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Plaxico Burress had hoped to be playing football with another team by now, but the former Jets, Giants and Steelers receiver hasn’t hooked on with anyone as of yet. He’s not sure why the phone isn’t ringing.

“I think my agent (Drew Rosenhaus) and I, I think we were a little surprised, a little frustrated at times, but this is a new league and new things are happening,” Burress said in an interview with KILT in Houston, per “For myself, for me to go out and do some of the things I was able to do last year [with the Jets], being away from the game for two years, I kind of thought that was enough to set myself up leading up to this year, to have an even better year. The crazy thing about it is nobody’s even see me or seen the kind of shape that I’m in. I just want to get out on the football field and get back to dominating my position and everybody’s just going to go, ‘Wow.’”

No dice so far.

Burress said he’d love to play for the Texans. Then again, he’d love to play for anyone who’s willing to pay a soon-to-be 35-year-old receiver who had a so-so year last year, his first season back after spending nearly two years in jail on illegal weapons possession charges. Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg in a New York nightclub in November, 2008.
“A lot of these teams want younger, but you have to have veteran guys around if you want to get the younger guys to get to the level that I’m at and to win a championship,” Burress said. “For myself, I feel great, man. I’m not really concerned about being able to play football at a high level because I know I can do that. I’m just looking for the right situation for me to go into. You’re talking about going into a situation down in Houston where there’s a Hall of Fame wide receiver in Andre Johnson, Arian Foster — one of the top three backs in all of football — and a great quarterback in Matt Schaub. It’s a situation I would die to be in, but we’ll see what happens.”

Does Burress think his off-field issues are the reason he hasn’t signed? Possibly.

“I was young at one time. I’ve made some mistakes,” he said. “Like I’ve been saying, I’ve made some mistakes in my life and I’ve moved on from them and I wish that everybody would, also. I’ve put those things behind me and I’m just focused on being a better person and moving forward in life. … If I don’t play football, let it be because I can’t perform physically, not because of what my past has been or what somebody has said.”

Burress disputed a report he owes nearly $60,000 in back taxes.

“I don’t know how that story or where it came from,” he said. “They say it was in ’07, but I was in New York playing in ’08 and we went back last year and we have no idea how something like that could happen or if somebody is just trying to kick me a little bit more. … We’ve been trying to see how these things come up and where they’re coming from. … I’m doing just fine. I’m getting along. I went through what I went through and I came home and everything was still intact and I got back to playing football.”

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