Ronnie Lott wanted to play with Jets to play for Pete Carroll

Ronnie Lott watches training camp on Tuesday in

Ronnie Lott watches training camp on Tuesday in Hempstead. (Credit: AP, 1994)

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott is not remembered for his two seasons with the Jets.

But he remembers them fondly because of one of the men who coached him there -- Pete Carroll, now coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

"My time with the Jets were -- we had a great time," Lott told Newsday on Super Bowl radio row on Friday. "I had a great time because I was with Pete Carroll."

Lott, best known as a hard-hitting defensive back with the San Francisco 49ers, played for the Jets from 1993-94, his final two seasons in the NFL.

"One of the reasons I wanted to play with the Jets is I wanted to play for Pete," he said. "I wanted to learn more about the game of football and I thought he was a great teacher. So for me -- he was the defensive coordinator one year and head coach the following year -- it was great."

Lott said he is not surprised that Carroll has risen to the pinnacle of NFL coaching with his first Super Bowl appearance.

"He's a climber," Lott said. "He's a guy who perseveres. He's always been a guy who's wanted to go to the top. He's been working at this a long time -- this is not just a one-year wonder. He's been working at this for a lot of years trying to create a solution around how to do build a great organization. He's trying to put those components in right now."

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