Smith: 49ers loaded with talent

The other Smith on the 49ers -- defensive

The other Smith on the 49ers -- defensive end Justin Smith -- has been battling an injured triceps throughout the playoffs. He has said that he will play through the injury and address the possibility for surgery after the postseason. (Credit: AP)

Why are the 49ers in the Super Bowl? Simple, says veteran defensive tackle Justin Smith. "You look around our locker room, and from head to toe, the offensive line, receivers, DBs, defensive line. It's just the main reason we're here," he said. "The talent level, what the coaches have been able to get out of us, it just all has come together. This roster is loaded."

Indeed it is. In fact, the 49ers have 15 former first-round picks on the roster - 15! 

"I don’t think I have ever done the breakdown, but there are a bunch of first rounders," he said. "I think just on the O-line there are three or four first rounders. That doesn’t happen very often. I think it’s a big reason why we are where we’re at."

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