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Browns cut Campbell, Weeden

Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell (17) and quarterback

(Credit: AP / Tom Uhlman)

The Browns invested a first-round pick in quarterback Brandon Weeden in 2012, but they sent him packing today. Cleveland also parted ways with veteran Jason Campbell, another former first-round pick who joined the Browns last year. 

That leaves Cleveland with Brian Hoyer as their only experienced starter, although the Browns are expected to draft a quarterback, potentially with the fourth...

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Mike Pettine's unique opportunity

New York Jets' defensive coordinator Mike Pettine stands

(Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams, Jr.)

Mike Pettine's name wasn't at the top of the list of potential head coaching candidates when the 2014 hiring cycle began. In fact, he may not have been on the list at all.

But Pettine, the former Jets defensive coordinator who spent the 2013 season as Buffalo's defensive coordinator, became a viable candidate for the Browns' job once the team started sifting through what turned out to be an...

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Jason Campbell thrives with Norv Turner

Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe, left,

(Credit: AP)

Has Jason Campbell finally found the offensive coordinator of his dreams in Norv Turner? Campbell had a different offensive coordinator in every year as a starter at Auburn, and then a different coordinator in all but two years of his NFL career, which started in 2005.

But Turner has worked wonders so far with Campbell, who has replaced Brandon Weeden as the Browns’ starter. Campbell’s footwork...

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Cheer up Jets fans, at least you're not Cleveland

Browns fans watch the final minutes of the

(Credit: Getty)

If Jets fans think they have it bad, try being a Browns fan these days.

Since the mid-1990s, it has been nothing but losing and heartache. From losing the franchise outright in 1995, when Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore, to suffering through what has happened since the Browns came back as an expansion team in 1999, there has been precious little to celebrate.

And now, it’s another...

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Colts GM raves about Trent Richardson

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson walks off

(Credit: AP)

The blockbuster deal that sent Browns running back Trent Richardson to the Colts in exchange for Indy’s first-round pick in 2014 was the latest in a series of moves over the last two seasons by general manager Ryan Grigson, whose roster makeover turned the Colts into immediate playoff contenders last season.

Grigson went for broke in getting Richardson, the third overall pick in the 2012 draft,...

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Colts win big with trade for Trent Richardson

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson escapes a

(Credit: AP)

We've seen some stunning trades in the NFL, but none quite like this one: Just two weeks into his second season, Browns running back Trent Richardson has been traded to the Colts in exchange for a first-round pick in 2014.

While it's not unusual to see a running back traded, it’s almost unheard of to see the third overall pick of the previous year’s draft get dealt so soon. It was a stunning...

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