Everyone discovers something they’ve forgotten about when they move from one home to another.

Sean Weatherspoon found well over $100,000.

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The linebacker’s fiancee discovered an uncashed game check from his time on the Arizona Cardinals last season while the two were preparing to move out from their residence in the Phoenix area on March 29. Weatherspoon signed a one-year contract with the Atlanta Falcons on March 10, returning to the team that originally drafted him.

According to ESPN NFL Nation Falcons beat writer Vaughn McClure, the game check (taken out of Weatherspoon’s base salary) was worth around $138,235.

“I was on my way home from working out when I received a picture of the check, dated Sept. 18,” Weatherspoon told McClure in a text message. “My fiancee found it in a stack of mail, I believe. I vaguely remember getting the hard copy after the Week 1 game. I’m not sure why it wasn’t directly deposited like all my other checks. I’m currently trying to contact [the Cardinals] now. LOL.”