You might want to enjoy this NFL season a little more than most, because you never know what's coming next year.

With the league's collective bargaining agreement schedule to expire next spring, there is increasing talk of a lockout of the players beginning next March. The league and the NFL Players Association are at odds over how big a piece of the revenue pie the players should receive.

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The players contend NFL owners want them to take an 18 percent reduction in salaries, while the league contends it is more like a nine percent cut. Either way, there are no signs of an impending agreement on an extension, and the players are increasingly concerned about the lockout possibility.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he still believes there is time to hammer out an agreement on a CBA extension. However, he also wants to have a deal that will be good for the owners in the long run. The league exercised an opt-out clause of the current agreement in 2008, triggering this year's elimination of the salary cap. It was the first uncapped season since 1993, the first year of the current system.