It was the thrill of a lifetime last night for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (pictured arriving at the dinner) and left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who were guests of President Barack Obama at last night's state dinner at the White House in honor of Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

"Best moment of my life," Ferguson said.

The two spoke briefly with Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, and Ferguson even tried to convince the president to become a Jets fan.

"He wasn't having any of that," Ferguson said. "He’s a diehard Bears fan." 

Sanchez said he got a surprise when he was on the receiving line being introduced to the two presidents and their spouses.

"When I met First Lady Calderon, she has a Sanchez jersey and pulled it out of her purse," he said.

Sanchez had the opportunity to bring one guest, and he settled on Ferguson, partly because of his interest in politics and also because he happens to protect Sanchez's blind side.

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"Brick's into politics. He looks like a governor," Sanchez said. "It felt right to take a teammate and someone who would be interested." 

Ferguson, a Freeport native, said he hasn't thought about a career in politics once his playing days are over. But if he does go into politics, last night's dinner might be remembered as one of the reasons why.

"You meet one of the most powerful men in the world, and it definitely humbles you. You go see what kind of effect he has on the nation," Ferguson said. "You see it in the newspaper and hear it on the news, and you get to meet the man in person. You think, 'He's a person, too.' He had a great personality. It was amazing."