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World Cup cocktail hour

Sample Fogo de Chao's caipirinha

(Credit: Fogo de Chao)

The best way to fill your personal World Cup is with a caipirinha.

This high-octane cocktail is fueling many festivities in Brazil, where it's the equivalent of a national drink.

Essential to the caipirinha is cachaca, a distillate made with fresh pressed sugarcane juice. Good producers include Leblon, Beleza Pura, Sagatiba, Pitu, Ypioca and Pirassununga.

You'll also need a lime,...

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World Cup eats: Celebrate Brazil

Rodizio skewers of chicken, steak and pork are

(Credit: Yana Paskova)

The World Cup presents a great opportunity to get out of your dining rut and explore world cuisines. The weekend’s matches have me hankering for spanakopita, steak-and-kidney pie, spaghetti carbonara, teriyaki, fondue and chocolate éclairs.

The tournament’s host country, Brazil, is not well represented among Long Island restaurants, but rodizio, the Great Brazilian tradition of grilled, skewered...

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Strawberry statement at Snowflake in Riverhead

Fresh local strawberries top a sundae at Snowflake

(Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti)

The reason strawberries exist is pictured above.

This is the strawberry sundae made with fresh strawberries at Snowflake, the ice-cream star in Riverhead. During strawberry season, I skip the whipped cream and the cherry just to indulge in the sweetest, ripest of flavors. You may have yours with Stu Feldschuh's great hard ice cream or his peerless soft-serve. The sundae is an exceedingly well-spent...

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Dori Korean Restaurant in Commack: First bites

A generous banchan (assortment of small plates) precedes

(Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick)

Dori Korean Restaurant makes its home in the peaked-roof Commack building that’s hosted a long line of Korean predecessors, the most recent being Ko Gu Ryo. This latest occupant also has a few Korean-Chinese dishes on its menu.

Dori's interior is stylishly spare and modernistic. More important, on a recent visit, the food made a positive impression. The meal kicked off with a generous banchan,...

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Open: 1943 Pizza Bar in Greenport

Matt Michel is the owner of 1943 Pizza

(Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus)

Matt Michel has been an itinerant pizzaiolo since 2008, driving his Rolling in Dough pizza truck (equipped with a wood-burning oven) to events all over Long Island. Now, with the help of a “Mission Main Street” Chase Bank small-business grant of $250,000, he’s set up shop in Greenport.

The new pizzeria is called 1943 Pizza Bar, in honor of Michel’s truck, a fully restored 1943 Harvester K6....

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Tao's Delicacies in Selden: a taste

Chonqing chicken at Tao's Delicacies in Selden, June

(Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick)

It was with eager anticipation that I headed out to Tao’s Delicacies, a small Chinese restaurant in Selden featuring authentic Beijing, Sichuan and Hunan cooking. The place, which serves only Halal meat, is geared to serving the Stony Brook University community. It's also under the same ownership as the new Tao’s Bakery & Dim Sum in Stony Brook, whose dumplings recently delighted my colleague....

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Long Island restaurants: new reviews

A vegan trio of oyster mushroom "calamari," fried

(Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick)

Living a vegan lifestyle? Critic Joan Reminick is sending followers this week to 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale, where Jay Astafa is featuring dairy-free cheese substitutes and soy-based products instead of meat. Reminick says that a vegan bacon cheeseburger “turns out to be highly satisfying.’’

Tucked into the Fox Hollow inn and catering facility in Woodbury is Volpe, an Italian ristorante...

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Chip’n Dipped in Huntington debuts cookie mash-up

The sandwich-cookie-within-a-chocolate-chip cookie is a new item at

(Credit: Peter Goldfarb)

It’s been a little over a year since the invention of the doughnut-shaped fried croissant dubbed Cronut by Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. Since then, bakers have been falling over themselves mashing up doughnuts, croissants and whatever other pastries seem to be lying about. (A tasty recent local entry: the Crannoli at Sweet Surrender Bake House in Levittown.)

But no one has been paying much...

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World Cup deals at Revel in Garden City

Revel in Garden City will be serving desserts

(Credit: Heather Walsh)

When the FIFA World Cup 2014 starts on June 12, Revel in Garden City will join in by offering discounts on its bar bites menu and cocktail list.

The 15 percent trim will be in effect during all games, which will be shown on Revel's 10-foot screen situated behind the bar.

Specialty cocktails, repesenting the playing teams, will be $5.

Food choices include sheep's milk ricotta crostini...

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Goldmine Mexican Grill: Transplanted, unchanged

Chicken stew comes with rice, beans, tortillas and

(Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick)

After relocating from its longtime Greenlawn address to new quarters a couple of miles south, the new Dave’s Goldmine Mexican Grill remains essentially what it’s always been — a standby for fresh and flavorful Tex-Mex fare. The place, situated in a little strip mall, now has a rear parking lot. Inside, the place looks brighter and newer, although not all that different from its predecessor. There's...

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