SAN FRANCISCO — This is why we can’t have nice things.

The NFL placed 10 1,600-pound sculptures of the number “50” in and around the San Francisco area to help drum up attention to Super Bowl 50. They have different themes but are essentially the same size, shape and wording.

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At least they used to be. Vandals in the counter-culture capital of the world have been rearranging the letters on the statues to spell out some other non-league-approved messages.

Photos posted on Twitter show that among the anagrams of anarchy are such phrases as “SUP BRO 50,” “SUPERB OWL 50,” and some less-than-family-friendly terms.

There even was one that was tipped over with the phrase: “OOPS.”

According to reports, the sculpture at City Hall had its solar panels (which allowed it to light up) torn off. While some statues have been removed or moved to prevent further cases of vandalism, security has been increased at others.