The Super Bowl diaries's Anthony Castellano shares his stories from Indianapolis as he covers his first Super Bowl.

Chase Blackburn talks about his interception

New York Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn, left, intercepts

(Credit: AP)

Newsday reporter Jim Baumbach shot a raw iPhone video of Chase Blackburn talking about his interception against the Patriots. The interception turned out to be the only turnover in the game in the opening minute of the fourth quarter with the Patriots clinging to a two-point lead. The Giants didn't capitalize on the turnover, but it began a momentum shift back toward the Giants.

Take a listen...

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NJ Giants fan gives last-minute thoughts on Super Bowl

Victor from New Jersey gives his last-minute thoughts

The Giants have been very confident all week. So confident that Chris Canty tweeted a final score prediction (Giants 28, Patriots 17) on Twitter hours before kickoff. That tweet has since been pulled off his Twitter account, @ChrisCanty99.

In 2008, then-Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress predicted a 23-17 win for Big Blue.

Anyway, I found a fan, Victor from New Jersey, who gave me...

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The quiet before the storm at Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium. (Feb. 5, 2012)

(Credit: Newsday/Anthony Castellano)

All set up and ready to go at Lucas Oil Stadium. A little more than three hours from now before the start of Super Bowl XLVI.

Take a look at the view from the Patriots' endzone in the photo above.

I'm not trying to bias, but I have seen a lot more Giants' fans than Patriots' fans coming here today. Of course, they're are plenty of Colts' fans, too.

I have a feeling that the Colts'...

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It's Super Bowl XLVI game day in Indianapolis!

Banners hang on light poles near Lucas Oil

(Credit: AP)


That was the word Tom Coughlin and his players echoed all week in Indianapolis. In just about 15 hours from now it will all be finished. The Lombardi Trophy will have a new home and Super Bowl XLVI will be history.

Buses start leaving the JW Marriott at 1:30 for the short drive to Lucas Oil Stadium. The gates open at 2 p.m. for fans and security should be extremely tight.


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Curling at the Super Bowl Village

Marc Rovner of East Rockaway takes a shot

Who would have thought curling, generally an Olympic sport, would make its way to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis? Well, it has thanks to Columbus Curling Club.

Watch the embedded video above to hear a little more about it. Then, watch the related video below to see Marc Rovner of East Rockaway slide the stones down a simulated sheet of ice....

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Fan talks about riding the zip line at the Super Bowl Village

Fans ride a zip line during the NFL

(Credit: AP)

I simply can't get enough of this zip line at the Super Bowl Village. Tickets were sold out by the time I got there last night, but I had just as much fun watching others zip down Capitol Avenue.

Since I was not able to have the experience, I conducted a brief iPhone video with Bob Konkel of Lafayette, Indiana, moments after he got off of the ride. Watch the embedded video above.


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Indiana sports, legend and lore

"HOOSIERS" Release date: Nov, 14, 1986 Opening weekend

Indianapolis plays host to Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, but here are a few other sports tidbits about the city.

* The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500, was built in 1909. The original purpose was to give automobile manufacturers a place to showcase cars to perspective buyers (video is embedded above).

* The film "Hoosiers" was based loosely on the Milan High School's 1954...

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LI family attending second Giants Super Bowl

The Rovner family from East Rockaway are attending

(Credit: Newsday/Anthony Castellano)

It could take a lifetime to attend one Super Bowl, but not for 10-year-old A.J. Rovner of East Rockaway, who is attending his second Giants Super Bowl. The family was present four years ago when Big Blue beat the Patriots in Arizona in Super Bowl XLII.

I ran into the Rovner family at the Super Bowl Village Friday night playing games along Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. Watch the...

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Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick give final press conferences

Earlier this morning, Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin addressed the media for the final time until Sunday. The press conferences have gotten progressively shorter as the week has worn on. There's only so many ways you can ask Coughlin about how he has become more patient.

The only interesting thing to come of of this morning's presser was the venue. The head coaches were brought to the large...

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Take a ride on Super Bowl Village's zip line

One of the hottest attractions at Super Bowl

Tickets to Sunday's game might be the hottest ticket in Indianapolis, but a ticket to ride the zip line in Super Bowl Village is also a hot commodity.

Each day, thousands of eager fans line up to zip line high above Capitol Avenue. The zip line is 800 feet long and it's even better if you have a brave buddy, who can simultaneously ride down the zip line just a few feet away.

Fans stand...

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