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Long Island golf courses and golfers mixed with a splash of PGA and other pro tours.


Bethpage closed, other courses reopen, post-Irene

            So what is your golf experience like so far this week? Despite the damage, it seems like many Long Island courses are back in business, as of Tuesday.

            In the pro shop at Bergen Point, they say that the first hole was covered by more than a foot of water on Sunday, but golfers are going out today. The only restriction is that carts have to remain on paths.

            Montauk Downs is open, as is Indian Island, the Suffolk County course in Riverhead. The Salisbury Seniors report that Eisenhower Park is open for play, but the three courses have been reserved for a huge outing.

            The state parks website reports that all five courses at Bethpage are still closed.

             Caddies and tournament organizers were disappointed that the Keith Cerrato Memorial Tournament, scheduled for Cherry Valley on Monday, was postponed for a second time. It’s the one day of the year when caddies from all New York area courses are invited to compete in an event—and have the pro and club officials wait on them. It was rained out early in the month and slated for this week. But Cherry Valley head pro Ed Kelly, who runs the event in honor of a young caddie who was killed as he was crossing a street near his home, said that the storm caused too much tree damage to get the course ready for play. They’re trying to come up with another date.