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Mickelson's Masters dream ends


          How cool would it have been for all golf fans, especially those in the Mickelson family, if Phil, the defending Masters champion, could have played next April with his brother Tim? At least a practice round would have been hot stuff.

             Tim had a shot at it, having reached the quarterfinal round of the U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship at Atlantic Golf Club in Bridgehampton, fully aware that he was three wins away from Augusta.

             But his dream stopped there. He lost, 5 and 3, to Todd Burgan, a pharmacist from Knoxville, Tenn. As well as Mickelson (a righty) played in the morning against Huntington's Joe Saladino, that's as poorly as he played in the afternoon.

            "I played as bad as I have in any other round in the last couple of years," he said. "Todd did a good job of not making any mistakes, so when I made mine, he could win the holes."


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