Police in Jupiter, Florida, released another video of Tiger Woods Thursday night, this one showing the golfer taking his breathalyzer test shortly after his arrest early Monday morning. He is seen handcuffed and barefoot in a room at a police station, appearing sleepy before a technician gives him directions.

Woods at first seems to have trouble following, then complies and the person administering the test says, “Good.” After the first phase of it, Woods refers to his “bracelets,” meaning the handcuffs. The person administering the test tells him, “Don’t worry, we’re going to take them off in a minute.”

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In his only comment since having been arrested on charges of driving under the influence and improper parking, Woods released a statement saying “alcohol was not involved” and that he was affected by a combination of prescription medications. Results of the breathalyzer showed that he registered .000 for alcohol. Earlier this week, police had released the arrest report and the dash cam video of the arrest.

Woods is due in court on July 5.