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Around the Diamond with Alex Caprariello

Welcome to another installment of Around the Diamond.  Each week we’ll sit down with a local high school softball player and ask her a series of questions…some that relate to softball, some that don’t, and some that may even be slightly embarrassing.

If you'd like to be featured, e-mail me at michael.gavin@newsday.com, or message me on Twitter at @mgavinjr, or just come talk to me at a game. 

This week we feature Alex Caprariello of Port Washington. Coming off an all-county season, the junior pitcher guided the Vikings to an unbeaten league season in Conference AA-III. She has gone 8-1 in the circle and on Thursday will take the ball against one of Nassau’s top teams (soon to be determined) in the first round of the Class AA playoffs. She can make pitches dance with her off-speed movement and, as you’ll soon find out, she can also make people dance with her singing and songwriting ability.

Alex Caprariello now takes us Around the Diamond…      

Brag about yourself, what do you do well on the field and at the plate? “In the field, I take pride in being an extremely capable multi-position player.  At the plate, I never let the count affect me.  I always have a clear mind and wait for my money pitch.“

What are your biggest strengths?  “The inside pitch, both on the mound and in the box.”

What's the best part of being a pitcher?  “I love the ability to control the game.”

What's the worst part about being a pitcher? “The feeling that I let my team down after a tough loss.”

What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?  “’Popular’ from Wicked.          

What happened in your first varsity at-bat? “I was super nervous.  I wish I could tell you it was a game breaker but I drew a walk. “  

Would you rather hit a walk-off home run or strike a batter out with the with the bases loaded while you are up one to end the game? “Striking out a batter with the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh while up one run.  As a pitcher, that’s one of the best feelings in the world.”

What's your favorite moment that you've had while playing for Port Washington?  “When I pitched my first perfect game during my sophomore year.  I didn’t even realize it happened until coach gave me the game ball.” 

What's the biggest hit of your career? “My biggest hit is a tie between three.  A couple of weeks ago in one of my games, I hit three home runs and had seven RBIs which was more than half of our runs.  I would say that would have to be the best game of my career.”  

What's something your teammates would be surprised to learn about you?  “I’m a secret singer and songwriter.”

Who's your funniest teammate? “Elisabeth Kostallas.”

Who's your shyest teammate?  “Arianna Gabriel.”

Who's your most competitive teammate?  “Sara Marinelli.”

What are your pregame rituals or superstitions? “I rock out to my favorite songs, text my best friend to wish her luck in her game and for all home games, I have to put in first base with Sara.  This was out first job as varsity players and we’ve done it ever since.” 

What are some of the best nicknames for players on your team?  “I have a bunch: Cap, Al, Unicorn, Cupcake and Princess…don’t ask.  Some of my teammates have weirder names than I do.  Bari Cohen is Bariere (like derriere). Georgia Goodman is G-Money. Suzie Gil is Suzzazzle.”  

What's your most embarrassing on-field moment? “Running full speed into the dugout fence while trying to catch a foul ball and I didn’t even make the play.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?  “An elementary school teacher or a singer.”

Which television shows are on your DVR?  “Glee, New Girl, Nashville, and The Following.”

If you were the coach of your team for a day, what would you do? “Team trip to Six Flags.”  

If you could have dinner with any three people throughout history, who would they be? “If I could have dinner with any three people, I would pick Darren Criss, Mark Teixeira and Marilyn Monroe.”   

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