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Around the Diamond with Kate Finnen

Kate Finnen of Plainedge connects for a single

Kate Finnen of Plainedge connects for a single against Island Trees during the Class A Finals. (May 24, 2012) (Credit: Alan J. Schaefer)

Welcome to another installment of Around the Diamond.  Each week we’ll sit down with a local high school softball player and ask her a series of questions…some that relate to softball, some that don’t, and some that may even be slightly embarrassing.

If you'd like to be featured, e-mail me at michael.gavin@newsday.com, or message me on Twitter at @MikeGavin7, or just come talk to me at a game. 

This week we feature Kate Finnen of Plainedge.  The senior shortstop, bound for Stevenson College, has helped guide the Red Devils to the county championship series in each of the past three seasons, including a victory in 2012.  She has great range at short, and is a multi-dimensional hitter at the plate. Oh, and as you’ll soon find out, if she ever wins Lotto, her hair will be well taken care of. 

Kate Finnen now takes us Around the Diamond… 


What's been the biggest hit of your high school career? "The biggest hit of my high school career was during my freshman year when I singled to drive in the go-ahead run in game two of counties versus Seaford."

​Who is the most intimidating pitcher you've faced? "Sam Giovanniello of Floral Park (now of Georgetown).  She has great movement and speed on her pitches. Facing her when I was a freshman and sophomore was the scariest thing ever."

What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod? "I have a lot of embarrassing songs on my iPod but "Funky Town" by Alvin and the Chipmunks is definitely on the top of that list."

What's been your favorite moment while playing for Plainedge? "My favorite moment was winning the Nassau County Championship in 2012. It was great to accomplish something like that with some of my best friends."

Best place to eat near Plainedge? "Seaqua Deli."

What has been the best prank your team has ever pulled? "When we TPed our coaches' houses during playoffs last year. We covered their lawns in toilet paper, balloons, confetti, lawn ornaments, for sale signs and shredded paper, and then saran wrapped and sticky-noted their cars. It will definitely be tough to top that this year but we're ready for the challenge."

Who's your funniest teammate? "Nicole Francisco. Nikki is one of the funniest people I know, without even trying to be. Her stories, random comments, and constant falls always lighten the mood at practice."

Who is your shyest teammate? " Victoria Vaccarino. She is so quiet but she is one of the sweetest people I know."

Who is your most competitive teammate? "Taylor Curran. I have been playing with Taylor for years and I have learned that she has more knowledge of the game than anyone I have ever met. I can always go to her if I need to know something about a player on the other team or where to set up in the field based on a certain pitch.  Oh, and her and I both hate losing."

Which actress would play you in a movie? "I would want Anna Kendrick to play me in a movie just so it could seem like I can sing like the people in 'Pitch Perfect.'"

What's something your teammates would be surprised to learn about you? "After being on the team for four years, I still have no idea how to open or close our equipment bin."

What are your pregame rituals? "I spend quite some time doing my hair and always have to make sure I use enough hairspray. For every game I carpool with Taylor Curran and Kelsey Marigliano and we blast music. Also, we always have an inspirational quote that is picked out by a captain and we fold it up and put it in one of our socks."

What are some of the best nicknames for players on your team? "Aarin Hartenstein is 'Rin' and Giana Soriente is 'Gigi Bella.'"

Top three favorite professional athletes? "Derek Jeter, Brett Gardner, and David Wright."

Top three locations you want to visit? "California, Hawaii, and Jamaica."

If you could change one thing about high school softball what would it be? "I would make sure every field had a sound system so that every game could be announced and every player could have a walk-up song."

Which reality television show would you most want to be on and why? "I would want my entire team to be on 'America’s Best Dance Crew.' Often times before or after practice we do team Zumba or Just Dance and it is the funniest thing ever. We should probably stick to softball."

What is your biggest fear? "My teammates could prove this one.  They have videos of me jumping and screaming when I saw a spider cricket on the bus on the way to an away game."

What's your most embarrassing on-field moment? "When my zipper broke as we were decorating the field for the senior game my freshman year and I proceeded to put a piece of zebra duct tape there to try to cover it up."   

If you could have dinner with any three people in history, who would they be? "Derek Jeter, Jennie Finch, and Chris Daughtry...So I could learn about what it took for each of them to get where they are today."

You just won the Lotto and bought a new house and a new car.  What is your next purchase? "An unlimited supply of hair products."


COMING SOON: Around the Diamond with Allie Abbene of Calhoun

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