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Girls who run this world: Suffolk glax players of the week

Ward Melville's Emily Rogers-Healion looks to make a

Ward Melville's Emily Rogers-Healion looks to make a pass during the first half. (April 26, 2013) (Credit: James Escher)



Sorry. Was I shouting? I was shouting. What I’m trying to say is that this season went blazing fast and I feel like I’ve gotten to write about 1/27thof the teams I wanted to see this year. Bosses willing, Stephen and I will be going on a glax tear in the coming days, so don’t be shy about coming up and saying hey. I’m the brunette who looks waaaaaaaaay more surely than her blog picture.

Also: I know the big gripe about these athletes of the week is that the defenders get shafted (see! I pay attention to Twitter/comments/email/icy sideline glares)…and to those people I say, dudes. I know. And I’m sorry. Because we can only go to so many games, there’s no way to base the selections on visual evidence. I have to go on the stats that get called into Newsday. So: groundballs, forced turnovers. If the coaches mention ‘em, I’ll write about ‘em.

Let’s get started…with a defensive player (sorta).

Charlotte Campbell, St. Anthony’s – Superhero level. Like, really. Ms. Campbell punched away what would have been the tying goal with time expiring, dislocating three of her fingers. It was against Virginia’s St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes, the second-ranked team in the country. She made two saves in the final 1:21 and finished with 11 total. St. Anthony’s overtook the top spot in the Big 10 because of that, and the win has national ranking implications. This is literally the coolest thing I’ve heard this season.

Samantha Apuzzo, West Babylon – You know how good Apuzzo is? I first noticed her skills as a freshman…playing next to Christina Esposito. Yeah. That one. She even got a shout-out in Esposito’s player of the year write-up. Anyway, this year, Apuzzo proved that she’s more than capable of standing on her own two feet. Proof? Oh yeah. Just those 11 goals against Floyd. E-le-ven. Good job, girl.

Mackenzie Heldberg, Smithtown West – I’m tempted to make a Strong Island joke here, but I’d hate myself too much. Anyway, Heldberg helped whoop Westchester’s Arlington with a seven-goal performance. She added five goals the day before and finished with 18 this week.

Lauren Young, Middle Country – You know, Hauppauge is no slouch, I don’t care how many superstars they graduated. So when I saw Young made 17 saves and kept them to six goals in a win, I want that to sink in. It’s like a lacrosse purple heart.

Courtney Murphy, Floyd – You gotta give it to C-Murph, she does not give up. While Apuzzo was going off for 11 goals, she answered, scoring eight of Floyd’s 11 goals. Then, a few days later, her assist to Therese Ardolino wins the game with 51 seconds left. She finished with six goals and two assists.

Emily Rogers-Healion, Ward Melville – Rogers-Healion scored the last three goals for Melville, including the game-winner with under two minutes left in the second OT to defeat an undermanned Bay Shore team. She finished with five goals. But wait! There’s more. The game before, the All-American scored a career-high 10 points on four goals and six assists.

Alyssa Milano, Rocky Point – Other than having a GREAT name, Milano scored both overtime goals to defeat Westhampton last week. She finished with eight goals and two assists.

Grab bag of awesome.

Rocky Point’s Alyssa Guido had one goal and seven assists…Cortney Fortunato had five goals and four assists for Northport…Hannah Burnett scored seven goals and three assists in what’s becoming a common occurrence for Huntington…Harborfield’s Sarah Crowley scored six goals and five assists against Miller Place…teammate Chandler Banks had 17 saves.

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