Bellport Clippers

Coach: Peter Grossi

Last season:

Key players

Did not return calls

Deer Park Falcons

Coach: John McCaffrey

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Last season: 14-6

Key players

G Brett Talbert 5-10 Soph.

G Darien Jenkins 6-3 Jr.

G Josh Pismeny 6-0 Soph.

F Rob Governale 6-3 Sr.

F Princeton Louis 6-3 Sr.

Outlook: The Falcons return six of their top nine players from last year’s Suffolk AA quarterfinalist and add from a JV team that went 16-1 last year. The young backcourt started together most of last season.


East Islip Redmen

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Coach: Robert Schwender

Last season: 11-7

Key players

G Justin Clark 6-0 Sr.

F James Philbin 6-1 Jr.

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F Mike Benjamin 6-2 Sr.

F Chris Higgins 6-3 Jr.

C Greg Cassiano 6-5 Soph.

Outlook: East Islip, which has made the playoffs in 13 of the past 14 years, will incorporate its traditional man-to-man trapping defense with its methodical offense.


Eastport-South Manor Sharks

Coach: Chris Carlson

Last season: 2-16

Key players

G Mike McCormick 5-10 Soph.

G Dustin Brown 5-10 Soph.

F Dylan Davis 6-1 Fr.

F Matt Goncalves 6-5 Fr.

F James Murphy 6-5 Sr.

Outlook: One of the youngest teams on Long Island, the Sharks will play primarily in the halfcourt.


Hauppauge Eagles

Coach: Brad Hughes

Last season: 6-8

Key players

G Eric Stapleton 5-10 Sr.

G Billy Huber 5-10 Sr.

G Adam Moumine 6-3 Sr.

F Brendan Ilnitzki 6-2 Jr.

C Eric Hodosky 6-5 Sr.

Outlook: Ilnitzki leads a group of newcomers from an 11-2 JV team, giving Hauppauge a solid blend of experience and promising youth.


Half Hollow Hills West Colts

Coach: Bill Mitaritonna

Last season: 19-3

Key players

G Kian Dalyrimple 6-5 Sr.

G Richard Altenord 6-4 Sr.

G Deven Williams 6-0 Sr.

F Cameron Jordan 6-5 Jr.

F Jovahn Williamson 6-5 Jr.

Outlook: A tall and athletic team that can get out and run, the Colts have four returning starters entering their third year on varsity: Dalyrimple, Altenord, Williams and Jordan.


Kings Park Kingsmen

Coach: Chris Rube

Last season: 4-14

Key players

G Paul Cooper 5-10 Jr.

G Richie Price 6-1 Jr.

G Chris Kenavan 5-9 Sr.

F Branden Falco 6-4 Jr.

C Cooper Bower 6-5 Sr.

Outlook: The Kingsmen will rely on Cooper and Bower — the team’s two returning starters from last year — and an improving defense to contend for a playoff spot.


West Babylon Eagles

Coach: Timothy Lynch

Last season: 10-8

Key players

G Pierre Dorsainvil 6-2 Sr.

G Rob Chiddick 6-3 Jr.

G Gary Haab 6-0 Sr.

F Matt Daulton 6-4 Sr.

F Davante Penn 6-6 Sr.

Outlook: Penn averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds per game for last year’s playoff team. He is the only returning starter, and will be expected to help the other returnees fill expanded roles.