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Manager Shout-Out: Colby Prokop and Aaliyah Graham

We told y'all we were gonna keep it up with the manager shout-outs.

Here's the thing, the managers (or, as we and the coaches call them - "the girls doing the book") are generally, universally awesome. They're informative, they're usually nice and, when we're not there, they're the reporters on the lax field. As it so happens, when I covered Glenn/Mattituck, I got double the helpfulness with Colby Prokop and Aaliyah Graham.

Colby plays for Mattituck and has been sidelined since breaking her foot earlier in the year. She's a freshman and one of the team's key cogs...going as far as playing for THREE WEEKS on her injured right appendage. She keeps an excellent book: ground balls, turnovers, whatever. I'm impressed. Aaliyah, a two-sport athlete, is on Glenn's JV team and also plays travel basketball. She's THE go-to person for inside information on the team's progress.

Here's to you, girls doing the book. Thanks for the help, the company, and for freezing your butts off with me when it started to rain.

Are you a girl doing the book? If you see me and Esteban, say hi! (Ok, fine. His name is actually Stephen, not Esteban. He trying to learn Spanish, so if you DO see him, you happen to speak and wanna be amused, only answer him in Spanish. He's pretty bad at it.). Above all: Ask for a shoutout.You too can be in the blog!

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