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Suffolk Top Ten (as of May 13)

Bay Shore's Kyra Harney #10 puts the shot

Bay Shore's Kyra Harney #10 puts the shot between two Sachem East defenders and in the net. (April 18, 2012) (Credit: George A. Faella)

This is it, peoples. The last Top 10 of the regular season. I'm not exactly sure how it's going to work from here on out, but I promise that I'll keep you updated. If you want more info on the playoffs, check out the post below. There'll be no Suffolk games till <gasp> May 18. Until then, let this tide you over. It's been an honor to list stuff for you.

All records are overall...Here we go.

1. Bay Shore (15-1) – The Marauders patiently waited in the wings for their moment. In the beginning of the season, it was all Northport, the defending state champions. Then it was Hauppauge, with its Class B title and its super-ambitious non-league schedule. Then, finally, it was Ward Melville, the team that beat them on their own turf. Well...congratulations, Bay Shore. Your consistency, that loud offense and a 12-6 win over East Islip has finally earned you the top spot in the Top 10.

2. Ward Melville (15-1) – The Patriots finally blinked in the last game of the regular season. We’ll give them that West Babylon is probably the hottest team in Suffolk right now, but the extent of the loss (12-5) drops them down from the coveted top spot. They don’t play again until May 21 and while that may give them plenty of time to think about that game, it’ll also give them plenty of time to regroup before facing either Hills or Middle Country.

3. Hauppauge (14-2) – Lauren Descalzo has been on fiyah for the Eagles, who haven’t lost since their jaunt the Maryland last month. Descalzo has nine goals and two assists in the last two games, wins against Rocky Point and Kings Park (the six and five seeds in this year’s Class B playoffs).

4. West Babylon (13-3) – I’d move ‘em higher if there was any place to put them. Instead, let me just again underline what a huge deal it was for West Babylon to beat both Sachem East (the team that knocked them out of playoff contention last year) and Ward Melville (the No. 1 seed in this year’s playoffs). The tag-team of Christina Esposito and Samantha Apuzzo is game-winning and dynamic, and the Eagles are now taking this hot streak into the post-season.

5. Shoreham-Wading River (12-3) – My decision to put SWR over ESM is based 1. On Shoreham having one more win and 2. On the fact that they both beat Harborfields last week, but SWR did it by one more goal. Super-scientific, right? Shoreham is streaking into the playoffs as the Class C one seed. And while I’m here, let me throw out an attagirl to junior Alyssa Pearce, who scored a career-high five goals against Harborfields. You totally just knocked up your team two spots. Two, because I’m giving the sixth spot to…

6. Northport (11-4) – The truth is, Northport came in with huge expectations and, while they may not have met them, per se, they’re still a very, very dangerous team. I mean, look no further than Cortney Fortunato, who had seven goals and four assists in the win against Sachem East. While she may not put up those numbers every day, she’s obviously very capable of it. Post season competition beware.

7. Eastport-South Manor (11-3) – ESM earned the Class B two seed going into the playoffs, as with good reason. Backed by Dene DiMartino and goalie Samantha Giacolone, the Sharks can be devastating. If someone’s going to unseat Hauppauge, it’s going to be them.

8. Mount Sinai (12-4) – The Mustangs offense is so very dynamic. Need proof? Check out Shayna Pirreca’s six goals and two assists in a 21-8 win over Bellport. Between Pirreca, sister Sydney Pirreca and goalie Julia Michaels, Shoreham should look over its shoulder.

9. Sayville (12-4) – That loss to Mount Sinai on April 28 is still haunting Sayville, Top 10-wise, but otherwise? They’re not doing badly at all. They’re on a four-game win streak with a nice victory over East Hampton on May 8. Connie Nielsen continues to be the picture of consistency, scoring three and four goals in the last two games.

10. East Islip (11-5) – This is the portion of the Top 10 where things get a little muddled, since the teams are fairly close together. The Redmen were dealt a 12-6 loss by Bay Shore, but have otherwise acquitted themselves well this season. They earn the five seed in the postseason.

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