Kristen Bischoff's second goal mattered only for bookkeeping purposes -- a shot that found the net just as time expired in Massapequa's 2-0 win over MacArthur Thursday.

But more than anything, that was a goal within a goal for the junior.

Keeper Katie Hatziyianis booted away MacArthur's last shot with 16 seconds left, then streaking up the left sideline was Bischoff.

The forward received a long outlet pass from Alyssa Ianuzzi about 10 yards left of the goal and deftly crossed over and spun around a defender before launching the ball into the far corner.

Take that, anterior cruciate ligament!

Bischoff had torn her ACL as a freshman and spent her sophomore year on junior varsity. But on that play yesterday, she flashed all the speed and lateral quickness that made her a potential soccer star.

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"That was only my second goal," Bischoff said, "so I was really excited." Understandably, since her first came only seven minutes before.

Bischoff put the Chiefs (2-0) on the board with 7:12 to go against their Conference AA-I rivals, heading in a well-placed corner kick from Amanda Garrity from about 5 yards.

MacArthur possessed the ball for much of the first half and pressured Hatziyianis (nine saves), but Massapequa took control after intermission. Samantha Santeramo had four saves for the Generals (1-1-1).

The Chiefs upset nationally-ranked St. Anthony's on Tuesday and Nicole Mahin said a dip in intensity, perhaps, caused her team's slow start Thursday.

"But Mackenzie Palmer and Olivia Stegner were awesome defensively to keep us in it," said Mahin, a back. "Once our midfield started to connect, we gained the momentum."

Then Bischoff cashed in.

"She's coming into her own and a performance like this is a huge confidence-builder," Chiefs coach Bruce Stegner said. "She proved to herself that she can do it."

And, really, the proof was in her footing.