Residents of Yonkers ages 16-20 interested in serving on a newly created Youth Advisory Board are asked to submit resumes to the city.

Responsibilities will include acting as a liaison between the city and youth-related organizations to: recommend programs and help resolve youth issues and problems; recommend policies and programs to prevent and control juvenile delinquency and youth crime, and encourage closer cooperation between employers, labor, schools, private and public agencies to stimulate employment of young people.

Mayor Mike Spano established the board Monday by executive order. The board will have six members representing each council district and one at-large member who will serve for one year.

"It is incumbent upon our government to embrace the young people of Yonkers, their ideas, talents and energy to make a positive impact on others in the community," Spano said in a city news release. "I look forward to meeting, working and developing a forum within Yonkers in which we can debate and decide issues that intricately affect the lives of our youth."

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Spano is expected to complete the selection process in coming months. Once chosen, the board will elect a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary and other such officers as deemed necessary.

Resumes should be submitted to