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Flippy Notes: State qualifier results

Howdy all,

'Tis me, your trusty neighborhood gymnastics reporter, and I come bearing scores for the gymnastics state qualifier at Hicksville High School. It's a scrappy crew with a lot of young faces and a bunch of well-respected vets at the specialist positions.


Jordan Sack, Plainview JFK: 35.225

Serena Pergola, Bethpage: 34.825

Sarah Ciresi, Bethpage: 34.750

Also kicking butt, taking names (but missing the cut-off): 

Melissa Kropf, Plainview JFK: 34.6

Ali Bezalel, Hewlett: 34.45


Stephanie Jennings, Sewanhaka District: 8.925

Jessica Romano, Massapequa: 8.95

Kate Wall, Massapequa: 8.85

Also kicking butt, taking names (but missing the cut-off): 

Liz Giannatasio, Sewanhaka District: 8.75

Cheyenne Blumberg, Oceanside: 8.675


Erin Roach, Bethpage: 8.7

Cheyenne Blumberg, Oceanside: 8.675

Lauren Cecco, Hicksville: 8.65

Also kicking butt, taking names (but missing the cut-off): 

Ali Bezalel, Hewlett: 8.35

Lindsay Heney, Wantagh: 8.25


Melissa Kropf, Plainview JFK: 9.1

Stephanie Jennings, Sewanhaka District: 8.8

Ali Bezalel, Hewlett: 8.6

Also kicking butt, taking names (but missing the cut-off):

Lauren Cecco, Hicksville: 8.575

Jessica Romano, Massapequa: 8.525


Ali Bezalel, Hewlett: 9.2

Melissa Kropf, Plainview JFK: 9.075

Lindsay Heney, Wantagh: 9.050

Also kicking butt, taking names (but missing the cut-off):

Victoria Vitale, Plainview JFK: 9.0

Marisa Baccarella, Sewanhaka District: 8.85

Also, I wanna give a shout out to the non-club gymnasts who did well: Oceanside's Diarta Tolaj with an 8.225 on vault, Plainview's Danielle Rueda with a 7.55 on bars, North Shore's Talia Morales with an 8.05 on bars and Wantagh's Lauren O'Hara with an 8.575 on floor.

It was a bit of an uneven meet - a few thrills, a few spills and yes, a few tough breaks. Great job by those who made it, and for those who missed out, no worries. There's always next year. :) *

* Why yes, I DID just link a music video in my Newsday-sponsored gymnastics write-up and then followed it up with an emoticon. Such is the power of the Underblog.

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