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More odd balls

Due to space restrictions in the paper on Sunday, we weren't able to run all the photos and vignettes of the interesting/unique/wacky bowling balls. But here are a few of the others that stood out to Mike and I. Also, some of the interviews conducted that didn't make the paper can be seen on MSGVarsity.com or on MSG Varsity Interaction (channel 614). Hope everyone had fun...

Tom Jakubowski (Holy Trinity): Smiley face
If inanimate objects could talk, Jakubowski’s ball would probably ask its owner, “Why so serious?”
Jakubowski, who’s known for his all-business game face during competition, uses a smiley face ball for spares. It is what it sounds like: a bright yellow ball with eyes and wide grin. The ball, which was a 2009 Christmas present, serves as a comical contrast to his stern visage at matches.
“I laughed so hard when I first saw it,” said Jakubowski, who uses a Hammer Swagger as his strike ball. “When I throw it, it usually gets a few smiles.”
As popular as emoticons are, the Jakubowski said he’s never seen anyone on the high school level with it. Middle Country’s Kelly Skalacki, who bought hers last summer, said the same. Well, so much for exclusivity.  ;-)

Stephen DelGaudio (Sayville) & Robert Pepe (Middle Country): Tire ball
The spare tires used by Stephen DelGaudio and Robert Pepe will be of no use in the event of a flat.
What better way to show their affinity for cars – Delgaudio for Lamborghinis and Pepe for Mustangs – than by using a ball that features a Roto Grip tire in the middle of it on spares.  Quite literally making it a spare tire…no jack or lugnuts required. 
Despite the wear and tear, with Delgaudio’s average of 190.3 and Pepe’s 205.4, there is no need to rotate these tires.

Scented Balls
Some kids’ bowling bags look like a pack of Skittles… except you can [ital] smell [ital] the rainbow. Sewanhaka’s Tommy Genova, who uses a grape-scented Storm ball, takes a whiff before each roll. Melissa Sherwin (Middle Country) uses cinnamon, Jen O’Connor of Holy Trinity goes with cherry, and East Islip’s Ed Tuskan favors blueberry.

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