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Softball: Bay Shore reacts to stunning loss

Bay Shore's Courtney Syrett (1) is safe at

Bay Shore's Courtney Syrett (1) is safe at third as East Islip's Kelsey Fileccia (20) waits for the throw in the bottom of the seventh. (May 26, 2012) (Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan)


Down goes Bay Shore.  No. 4 East Islip stunned the unbeaten, top-seeded Marauders, 4-3, in the Class AA semifinals on Saturday.  Bay Shore had the tying run on third and winning run on second with one out in the bottom of the seventh inning but Courtney Syrett was thrown out at the plate by Lindsey Zenk on a grounder to third and East Islip’s Courtney Blake struck out the final batter of the game with the bases loaded to seal the win.  Ian Cutler has the full story in Newsday tomorrow.  Below is some postgame reaction from coach David Rivera, pitcher Michelle DeVito and shortstop Giana Panariello:   

Coach David Rivera

How disappointing is a loss like this? “You come in as a top seed and you expect to go further.  Our goal was to pass where they went last year.  We didn’t have our clutch hits.  It happens, [Courtney Blake] is a good pitcher.  She kept us off balance, she had a good changeup.  They played a pretty clean game.  They did a great job. You have to wish them luck in the playoffs."

How frustrating is it to go undefeated then have your season end so suddenly? “We talked about that.  We talked about how it’s really like starting the season over again.  It felt like we kind of fell into the playoff atmosphere instead of playing our game.  We’re a young team, we’re learning.  That’s how it goes sometimes.”

Did you think Syrett was safe on the play at the plate? “No, I kind of thought maybe the catcher was up the line, blocking the line a little bit.  So I thought maybe obstruction. They said she was in line.”

With the tying run on third with one out, what was the strategy on that play? “We were going to see where the ball went through.  She just happened to go, she made the decision and you gotta stick with it.”

How are the girls? “It’s rough right now.  But we’re really focusing on learning something.  We as winners, and that’s how we perceive ourselves, learn from bad times.  That’s what success is all about. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

East Islip handed you your only loss of the season, what did they do right? “They played a clean game, that’s all you can do.  They worked the count  quite a bit in certain innings to get baserunners, especially the bottom of the lineup.  Where we typically want to keep those off to prevent the lineup turnover. ”

What do you say to the girls after a game like this? “Just to keep their heads up.”

On next season:  “It’s going to be tough to replace Brianna Coan, she had almost 40 RBIs this year.  We have some young kids, they’ll fill in some pieces, we’ll move some people around.  I expect us to still be pretty good next year. 

Michelle DeVito

On the loss: “I think towars the end of the game some of us may have gotten caught up in the moment.  I know we worked as ahrd as we could all season, it was just a matter of one pitch.  I think both teams were really equal.  Either team could have won it.”

On East Islip: "They had a clean field.  I know we made some errors, I know we had runners in scoring position where it didn’t really happen for us and they were always on top of it.”

On the sudden end to the season: Its pretty frustrating.  I know, personally, what motivated me was I just anted to preserve the program.  But I feel we did a prtty good job and we’ll keep it up nexy year.”

On next season: “We have plenty of returning girls that were good enough to start this year but they’ll be stepping up next year.  We’ll do what we always do at Bay Shore, keep the program going and just keep building the younger girls and it will all come together.”    

Giana Panariello

What did East Islip do that other teams couldn't? “It was that one extra hit, that one extra pitch, that one extra play.  It came down to one run.  It wasn’t a lot of errors, it wasn’t a lot of mistakes, mentally or physically.  They beat us on one pitch and one run.  That’s what it came down to today.” 

On the loss: “It definitely hurts a lot.  We don’t focus a lot on the regular season.  Yes, it’s a great accomplishment coming in undefeated.  But we say our season starts on the first playoff game.  That’s when we really come to life.  To come up short today with our seniors, with our fans, it hurts a lot.  But you can’t say we didn’t go down trying.  We went down against one of the best teams in the county.  We didn’t beat ourselves, they beat us.”

On next season: “Next year we have to come out strong, have a good regular season again.  We’re not afraid of anybody.  Next year, just because we lose some of our great seniors, we’re not afraid of anybody.  We’re coming back with a vengeance because we’re not going down like this ever again.”

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