Disclaimer: this list in compiled and sent to me by Jim McGowan (Hauppauge) every week after coaches e-mail their stats to him. It's been the case in the past that some coaches that haven't e-mailed him, have e-mailed me the stats. Starting this week, I will no longer update the list with players e-mailed separately to me.

For one, there's really no way for me to verify anything. Also, it's too time consuming to constantly go back and update the blog every time I get a new e-mail. Finally, it begs the question of when exactly the week starts and ends. For instance, the original list might have a girl batting .600 at the start of the week. Then a coach will send me his player two days later who's batting .625. Of course in this span, the original girl is now batting .630, but because of the delay, it has her in second place.

So for these reasons, I'll just be posting the list and that's it. If coaches want to leave any updated stats in the comments section, that's fine. And now, onto the leaders:

Batting Leaders

Player School Batting Average
1) Cat Franzone, Bay Shore -.656
2) Christine Desiderio, Babylon -.569
3) Liz Weber, Bay Shore -.564
4) Megan McGinley, Kings Park -.556
5) Jess D’Erario, Kings Park -.545
6) Kayla McCoy, Smithtown West -.528
7) Chrissie Ochs, Babylon -.522
8) Amanda McKay, Babylon -.500
Jacki D’Aries, Deer Park -.500

Ali Dzierzynski, Deer Park -.500

Sara Battey, Miller Place -.500

Nicole Pelligrino, Smithtown West -.500

9) Courtney Syrett, Bay Shore -.485
10) Britaney Chappas, Islip -.484

Player School RBI’s
1)Cat Franzone, Bay Shore -19
Amanda McKay, Babylon -19
Chrissie Ochs, Babylon -18
3) Taylor McGowan, Bay Shore -17
Marissa Armocida, Kings Park -17

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4) Lauren Link, Smithtown West -16
Sam DeMarco, Deer Park -16

5) Jacki D’Aries, Deer Park -15
Ali Dzierzynsk,i Deer Park -15

R. Torlincasi, Kings Park -15

N. Torlincasi, Kings Park -15

6) Britaney Chappas, Islip -14
Tori Gallagher, Miller Place -14

7) Nicole Ehlinger, Hauppauge -11
Kelsey Fischer, Bay Shore -11

Nicole Marzillo, Bay Shore -11

Courtney Syrett, Bay Shore -11

Lindsay Taylor, Kings Park -11

Player School Home Runs

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1) Cat Franzone, Bay Shore -5
2) Nicole Hagenah, Commack -4
3) Jess D’Erario, Kings Park -3
N. Torlincasi, Kings Park -3

R. Torlincasi, Kings Park -3

Lindsay Taylor, Kings Park -3

2) Andrea Klarman, Longwood -2

Nicole Marzillo, Bay Shore -2

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Marietta Silliman, Hauppauge -2

Shannon McQueeny, Commack -2

Courtney Syrett, Bay Shore -2

Pitching Leaders

Player School Wins
1) Amanda McKay, Babylon -9
2) Catherine Heacox, Smithtown West -8
3) Nicole Ehlinger, Hauppauge -7
Liz Weber, Bay Shore -6
Alex DeVries, Islip -6

4)Taylor McGowan, Bay Shore -5
Lisa Bonacasa, Deer Park -5

5) Kayla Conover, Hauppauge -4

Player School ERA
1)Taylor McGowan, Bay Shore -0.00
2) Nicole Ehlinger, Hauppauge -0.13
3) Kayla Conover, Hauppauge -0.31
4) Lisa Bonacassa, Deer Park -0.33
5) Liz Weber, Bay Shore -0.34
6) Catherine Heacox, Smithtown West -1.84


Player School

1) Nicole Ehlinger, Hauppauge -96
2) Amanda McKay,  Babylon -80
3) Taylor McGowan, Bay Shore -60
4) Liz Weber, Bay Shore -59
5) Alex DeVries, Islip -56
6) Catherine Heacox, Smithtown West -48
7) Kayla Conover, Hauppauge -34