UNIONDALE - Islanders fans say they're devastated as the National Hockey League's (NHL) season is up in the air due a lockout imposed on players.

The lockout went into effect Saturday at midnight as the league's collective bargaining agreement expired. Talks between the NHL and its players' association have slowed down, and Islanders fans say they're going to miss watching their favorite team if a deal isn't reached by the time the regular season is supposed to kick off next month. Frustrating fans even more is that this is the third lockout the league has seen since 1994.

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"Owners and players need to be locked in a room until they work it out," says Islanders season ticket-holder Andy Taub.

Islanders fans say they're especially worried because the team's lease at the Nassau Coliseum expires in 2015. If there's no season this year, it will mean there are only two seasons left at the Coliseum.