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Kyle Okposo has mild concussion after nasty hit

New York Islanders' Kyle Okposo, right, is attended

New York Islanders' Kyle Okposo, right, is attended to by a trainer after a hard hit from Calgary Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf during the second period of a preseason game. (September 17, 2009) (Credit: AP)

 Thankfully Kyle Okposo is OK. He has a mild concussion and was cleared by doctors to fly back with the team on the charter to Saskatoon.

Stuck to Twitter for updates on the game, so for those of you who were not receiving updates during the team's 5-4 shootout loss to the Flames, here's the rundown:

Okposo was the victim of a vicious open-ice hit from Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf. I've watched the replay several times, and if I were Okposo or his teammate I would not be happy. Phaneuf left his feet on impact, catching Okposo with a shoulder to the head as Okposo was looking down, rendering him completely defenseless. The impact of the hit knocked Okposo's helmet off, and once he hit the ice he lay motionless for several minutes while being tended to by the team's medical staff. After several minutes, Okposo was lifted onto a stretcher and carted off the ice.

Understandably, his teammates were incensed. Pascal Morency jumped the bench to go after Phaneuf and a huge scrum ensued. Even Biron and Kipusoff skated toward center ice.

Talking to players after the game it was clear they thought Phaneuf left his feet on the hit, and went after Okposo while he was in a vulnerable position. They were also ticked that Phaneuf would do something like that and then not respond when challenged throughout the rest of the game. Essentially, if you are gonna play that way, you better be willing to back it up.

I''d be willing to bet Phaneuf will not be in Saturday's lineup.

Good thing about all of this is that Okposo is going to be fine. Could've definitely been a lot worse with a nasty hit like that.

Update: Here's a link to today's story


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