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Steve Zipay takes you inside the locker room, home and on the road, with the New York Rangers, and also writes about the NHL, off and on the ice.

AV: "St. Louis lovefest...a no-hitter."


What went wrong with the Rangers in the 5-0 whippin' by the Lightning?


Oh for 6 on the PP, including a 5 on 3 for a minute.

Turnovers by Brassard, Staal, Dorsett led to goals.

Lundqvist wasn't sharp.

Wrote two days again that who ever scored first had an excellent chance of winning. Trouble came early.

And boy, were they soft.  Could be J.T. Miller and Justin Falk time against the Panthers.

Best quote came from AV:  “It was a Martin St. Louis lovefest out there and nobody touched a soul, especially not him. It was a big no-hitter.”

No excuses, but I guess the shorter goalie-pad rule doesn't affect goalies over 6-6...

Rangers head to Sunrise today.

Watched this one from the friendly confines of Chez Zipay for the first time all season, while I'm home prepping for Thanksgiving. Anthony Rieber's recap is over at

Haven't crunched the numbers but it appears that the new Canadien TV deal will provide more than $10 million per year to each team and that the rise in hockey-related revnues will trigger a cap rise in 2015-16.

More later....

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What was the biggest issue in the Rangers' Stanley Cup loss to the Kings?

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