Live from the Rock: A tipping-point game?

Greetings, ladies and gents, and anyone else spending time on a glorious Saturday in the New York area who is putting off the lawn-mowing, walking the dog, chauffering the kids, headed to Home Depot, postponing the run along the river, whatever, to read this more than two hours before game time....

Thanks. You may be a little obsessed, but I understand, and welcome...

OK, not a lot of activity outside the Prudential Center earlier this morning; saw a mix of Devils and Rangers jerseys and t-shirts and one group tailgating at a parking lot on Mulberry. Looked tempting. Imagine that will be picking up about now....

I spent a few minutes this morning speaking with WFAN's Richard Neer (even managed to sneak in a Lou Reed line---If it's more than three chords, it's jazz) about the series and Tortorella's persona, but really it's about time to focus on the players and the play and the coaching. 


Fact: The loser of this matinee will have to win three of four. Not saying it can't be done, but that's an uphill climb for sure at this point of the year.

I believe the intensity level of this one will be off the charts, hope refs are good with that. It's the pair of Kevin Pollock and Brad Watson, BTW.  Fair ones, IMO.

Some keys will be four stars, Brodeur and Lundqvist, and in my mind, Brad Richards and Ilya Kovalchuk.

But all Rangers forwards are going to have to find ways to get shots and rebounds on Brodeur, and you know what, this is the type opf game that Zach Parise could make a difference, too.

More in a few....

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